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Big plans for whyilovemyiphone

Ok so you found this website. You may have been searching for iphone stuff like covers or apps, but you found me instead. In the near future this may be the best starting point for the iPhone accessory you need for your loved one.

The Plan Man

The general plan for this site is to build a massive database of links to accessories, product reviews and the latest news. So please leave a comment and let me know what you think of my little idea.

Keeping it real

There will also be an website coming up real soon. Here will be the focus of all things iPhone. This site will be dedicated to giving the most direct links to the best news and online accessory stores out there.

iOS discrimination

I should also mention that I won’t be discriminating against iPads. So plenty of info will also be relevant to the iPad on the new website.

Iphone Bargains

Now there’s one thing everyone is after these days and that’s an awesome deal. The site is dedicated to iphones but on occasions we’ll pull together some irresistible deals, giveaways, prizes and freebies from others out there and eventually me here at WhyiLoveMyiPhone.

So vist regularly and see why I WhyiLoveMyiPhone is the place for you.


WIN! MacBook Air & iPad 2 Giveaway!

The Australian Apple Forum Site called Mac Talk is one the best in the world.
Mac Talk have recently redesigned their site and to celebrate this one of their sponsors has put up for grabs an 11 inch macbook air and ipad 2! Here’s how win this awesome package.
Go to be in it to win guys.
Written by TarasTips Published on 21st September 2011
To celebrate the launch of the new design of MacTalk, our friends from have given us some goodies!

An 11inch MacBook Air and 16GB iPad 2!

Over 6 years ago MacTalk originally launched, and over this time Apple has released some amazing products.
So you’re wondering how to score one of these prizes?
We’re looking for Apple’s biggest fan!
All you have to do is get creative.. what makes you Apple’s biggest fan?

No Internet but I love my iPhone

Another iPhone lovers blog

‘My only connection with the outside world is my iPhone and I still use the last generation! And you KNOW I love my iPhone.’

We want your comments, content requests and feed back.

This site is brand spanking new. Let us know what you think.

We want your comments, content requests and feed back.

be honest, let’s hear it.

What you need to know about iTunes Match: your questions answered

This fall Apple will offer iTunes users a paid add-on to its iCloud music syncing called iTunes Match. The service will let you mirror your iTunes library on iCloud, making it possible to access any track on any device you have registered with your Apple ID for a yearly $24.99 subscription fee.


God I love my Iphone (via It’s All What You Make It)

This article sums up the reason why we started this blog

God I love my Iphone In the beginning there was the Zack Morris cell phone (carrying case not included), then the Nokia (my snake score was totatly higher than yours), then the flip phone (dude sweet thong song ringtone), then the blackberry(Crackberry) , but now we have arrived at the Iphone, and it’s a great place to be.  Honestly I talked a lot of shit about smart phones in th … Read More

via It’s All What You Make It

Why I love my iPhone (via Baki’s Blog)

Everyone has their own reasons for thinking that the iPhone is God’s gift to the modern man. Some people love it for the awesome apps, some love it for the functionality and practicality and some love it for the sleek and funky desing. Me? I love it for the fact that it’s allowing me to write this blog entry while I’m lying in my bed, all cosy and cushioned in, just about to fall asleep. I love it for the fact that up until now, I have been too l … Read More

via Baki’s Blog

I love my iPhone. (via Lauren’s Blog)

If you ask any of my friends, they will tell you I undoubtedly love all Apple products, but specifically I love my iPhone. I have had all of the iphone generations and loved everyone of them. The main improvement that I have enjoyed on the iPhone 4 is the amazing camera update. I love photography and am always snapping pictures everywhere I go. having an amazing camera on my phone is so awesome. I have played around with a ton of different photo … Read More

via Lauren’s Blog

See, I’m not the only crazy one

If you ever thought that maybe, just maybe you were a little over the top with your love for your iPhone, then here’s a few articles to make you feel right at home. – Why I Love My iPhone

Jim Lynch: Technology and Other Musings – 10 Reasons Why I Love My iPhone 4

Macworld – Why I love my iPhone 4

Times Newspaper UK – Why I love my iPhone: ‘To feel it is to love it’

Redmonk – Why I Love My iPhone, and What You Can Learn From That – Why I Love My iPhone – The Top 10 Things I Love About My iPhone

Also if you want more evidence that you are not alone then do a search for ‘I love my iphone’ in the wordpress search. There are too many to list.

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My iPhone is probably the best thing I have ever owned. It was a reward for a goal. It means more to me than just an awesome tech-toy that does everything I need.