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Reasons I Love My iPhone: the Virtual Keyboard (via The iPhone Chroniclr)

Reasons I Love My iPhone: the Virtual Keyboard Yes, you read correctly. The virtual keyboard is one of my favorite features of the iPhone. This is somewhat ironic, being that a large chunk of people stray away from the iPhone due to its lack of a physical keyboard. I was once in the “The iPhone’s cool, but I need an actual keyboard” group. However, after a few days of using the virtual keyboard, I was hooked. No one believes me when I say this, but I can type more efficiently on the iPhone’s … Read More

via The iPhone Chroniclr


I Have a Love/Hate Relationship with My iPhone. (via A Drunk in a Hard Place)

a great introduction to the iPhone

When the iPhone first came out, I scoffed at the whole thing.  The lines, the outrageous price tag, the low capacity, the having everything in one device, everything.  Majority got one when they first came out and Unsvelt Girl Who Runs went on and on about how cool they were (but she didn’t get one).  I already had a 60G iPod that I’d gotten a year earlier and a cell phone that was old and worn out and needed to be replaced but didn’t have to cos … Read More

via A Drunk in a Hard Place

See, I’m not the only crazy one

If you ever thought that maybe, just maybe you were a little over the top with your love for your iPhone, then here’s a few articles to make you feel right at home. – Why I Love My iPhone

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Also if you want more evidence that you are not alone then do a search for ‘I love my iphone’ in the wordpress search. There are too many to list.