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Steve jobs unveils iCloud


the white iPhone

source: http://www.iphonehill.com/2011/05/02/white-iphone-4-review/

Custom iPhone Cases – For iPhone 3g or iPhone 4 (via Customizable iPhone Cases – iPad Cases)

If you can’t find the case what you want then create your own.

Custom iPhone Cases - For iPhone 3g or iPhone 4 Printed in unlimited colors Lightweight & durable Ships in 24 hours For the iPhone 3G/3GS & iPhone 4 Easy-to-grip fabric backing 100% satisfaction guaranteed iPhone Cases Dress up your iPhone with a fitted iPhone case! A hard-shell case with easy-to-grip fabric backing, your Zazzle iPhone case will give you a hand in making your phone easy and comfortable to use all day long.  Order one of the brilliant designs from the marketplace, or cr … Read More

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God I love my Iphone (via It’s All What You Make It)

This article sums up the reason why we started this blog

God I love my Iphone In the beginning there was the Zack Morris cell phone (carrying case not included), then the Nokia (my snake score was totatly higher than yours), then the flip phone (dude sweet thong song ringtone), then the blackberry(Crackberry) , but now we have arrived at the Iphone, and it’s a great place to be.  Honestly I talked a lot of shit about smart phones in th … Read More

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Reasons I Love My iPhone: the Virtual Keyboard (via The iPhone Chroniclr)

Reasons I Love My iPhone: the Virtual Keyboard Yes, you read correctly. The virtual keyboard is one of my favorite features of the iPhone. This is somewhat ironic, being that a large chunk of people stray away from the iPhone due to its lack of a physical keyboard. I was once in the “The iPhone’s cool, but I need an actual keyboard” group. However, after a few days of using the virtual keyboard, I was hooked. No one believes me when I say this, but I can type more efficiently on the iPhone’s … Read More

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Why I love my iPhone (via Baki’s Blog)

Everyone has their own reasons for thinking that the iPhone is God’s gift to the modern man. Some people love it for the awesome apps, some love it for the functionality and practicality and some love it for the sleek and funky desing. Me? I love it for the fact that it’s allowing me to write this blog entry while I’m lying in my bed, all cosy and cushioned in, just about to fall asleep. I love it for the fact that up until now, I have been too l … Read More

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I Have a Love/Hate Relationship with My iPhone. (via A Drunk in a Hard Place)

a great introduction to the iPhone

When the iPhone first came out, I scoffed at the whole thing.  The lines, the outrageous price tag, the low capacity, the having everything in one device, everything.  Majority got one when they first came out and Unsvelt Girl Who Runs went on and on about how cool they were (but she didn’t get one).  I already had a 60G iPod that I’d gotten a year earlier and a cell phone that was old and worn out and needed to be replaced but didn’t have to cos … Read More

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I love my iPhone. (via Lauren’s Blog)

If you ask any of my friends, they will tell you I undoubtedly love all Apple products, but specifically I love my iPhone. I have had all of the iphone generations and loved everyone of them. The main improvement that I have enjoyed on the iPhone 4 is the amazing camera update. I love photography and am always snapping pictures everywhere I go. having an amazing camera on my phone is so awesome. I have played around with a ton of different photo … Read More

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iPhone’s (via technohunt)

iPhone's The software used in all the models of iPhone is the same, iOS (particularly for iPhone). The operating system written for iPhone takes a half of gigabyte. The iOS supports all the applications running on the iPhone as well as all the third-party applications. The iOS is designed in such a way that it would all the future applications which can successfully run on the iPhone. Except iOS 4 which allows to run multiple applications in the backgroun … Read More

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See, I’m not the only crazy one

If you ever thought that maybe, just maybe you were a little over the top with your love for your iPhone, then here’s a few articles to make you feel right at home.

Moms.with.Apps.com – Why I Love My iPhone

Jim Lynch: Technology and Other Musings – 10 Reasons Why I Love My iPhone 4

Macworld – Why I love my iPhone 4

Times Newspaper UK – Why I love my iPhone: ‘To feel it is to love it’

Redmonk – Why I Love My iPhone, and What You Can Learn From That

PCMag.com – Why I Love My iPhone

readwriteweb.com – The Top 10 Things I Love About My iPhone

Also if you want more evidence that you are not alone then do a search for ‘I love my iphone’ in the wordpress search. There are too many to list.

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My iPhone is probably the best thing I have ever owned. It was a reward for a goal. It means more to me than just an awesome tech-toy that does everything I need.