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Why I love my iPhone (via Baki’s Blog)

Everyone has their own reasons for thinking that the iPhone is God’s gift to the modern man. Some people love it for the awesome apps, some love it for the functionality and practicality and some love it for the sleek and funky desing. Me? I love it for the fact that it’s allowing me to write this blog entry while I’m lying in my bed, all cosy and cushioned in, just about to fall asleep. I love it for the fact that up until now, I have been too l … Read More

via Baki’s Blog


I love my iPhone. (via Lauren’s Blog)

If you ask any of my friends, they will tell you I undoubtedly love all Apple products, but specifically I love my iPhone. I have had all of the iphone generations and loved everyone of them. The main improvement that I have enjoyed on the iPhone 4 is the amazing camera update. I love photography and am always snapping pictures everywhere I go. having an amazing camera on my phone is so awesome. I have played around with a ton of different photo … Read More

via Lauren’s Blog